Community Driven Dating

Modern technology is becoming a major player in initiation of relationships. It offers a variety of new platforms and possibilities for dating based on mutual hobbies, habits, professions, personal, looks and many more criteria. That’s why virtual profile building becomes a critical parameter for initial attraction in online dating platforms. Initiating chances depend more and more on your presentation rather than real life parameters such as personality, values, character etc.

Virtual profile or presentation brings into the world the option of faking or “adjusting” personal characteristics in order to become more attractive. these parameters have, in most cases, to be verified during relationship or communication, and can turn out to be frustrating since one has to put a lot of energy and time in order to verify who stands in front of him.

Combining modern technology with old fashion way of community driven datings is a way to improve dating for successful and long-term relationships. It also makes the process safer. Technology can help build the social connection graph and continuously track the potential relationship options through mutual friends. When in addition matching criteria are reached, a matching proposal can be presented to both the potential pair candidates and also to their mutual friends. This way, the potential dating candidates can get more information regarding their partner from their mutual friends.

Community driven dating can work in parallel to other dating platforms and not necessarily replace them. Community driven dating should be, in our opinion, the preferred way to start.

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