Values & How They Are Implemented

At “Pairing” we believe and promote the following values:

Meaningful long relationships


Developers Values

How Does it Work?

Pairing leverages on second social circles to increase your pool for finding a match. For instance, suppose you have only 5 single friends. But you have ±1,000 contacts. And suppose each of your contacts has only 5 single friends. By being exposed to your contacts’ single friends, you are now exposed to a pool of ±5,000 singles. Of course some of them overlap, so the number will actually be much smaller, but still a pretty good potential and exponentially larger than your own initial pool. Really the main limit is whether these people are pairing users. So go on - and tell everyone to install Pairing to make it work the way it could. Pretty cool, right?

1) Define Your Public Profile

Which is very minimal - we only need your name, some tag-line & profile image. If you are single then we’ll need to know gender - yours and what you’re interested in and year of birth.

2) We Build Your Connections Graph

We use your phone-contacts to build your connections graph, from which we derive your friends and later your potential matches, and potential matches amongst your friends.

3) Finding Your Friends

Contacts of yours that also hold your phone number in their contacts list will automatically become your Pairing friends, which means you will both see each other’s profiles as friends, you’ll be able to chat and you’ll be able to see which of your other friends they potentially might match with.

4) Finding Your Potential Matches

Users who we find are part of your extended community (ie friends of friends or so) are candidates to match you. If their criteria for a match meet yours, then they will be displayed to you as a potential match and vice versa. Bring your friends to Pairing - even the non-single ones, as it increases your pool exponentially.

5) Assisting Your Friends

Potential pairs amongst your friends will be visible to you. Go on and send them a heart - tap ‘Introduce’, so they know you are a mutual friend and they can get some more info from that.