Terms & Privacy

The following terms and privacy policy might get updated from time to time without notice. Most updated versions will be on https://pairing.co/legal/.

Terms of Service & End User License Agreement

You have to be at least 16 years old to use this app.

In addition to the age limit, Apple’s LICENSED APPLICATION END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT apply as-is for iOS users.

For Android users - the same LICENSED APPLICATION END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT apply with the following necessary adaptations for Android:

(i) Governing law is the law of Israel. Any legal dispute should be settled in Israeli courts.

Terms in short: product is as-is, licensed for usage - not sold, you cannot sue us for anything, use it at your own risk.


In short - we very much value your privacy:

More details about the information we take, and how we use it as follows:

Your public profile

Your public profile is a profile you make that is potentially available to the whole world. It consists of the following information you provide us:

In addition to your public profile, we use other information you provide us in order to make the app and its social-character work.

Your private information

Contacts - In order to make Pairing a community-based-app, we gather information from your phone’s contacts list. But - in order to keep your privacy as much as possible - we don’t even take the names of your contacts - we only take the phone numbers so we can build the Pairing-connections graph.
While this list is kept private - please note that if one of your contacts installs Pairing, and he has you as a contact - you will be defined as Friends in pairing - thus your contact may derive that you hold him in your contacts list.

Your phone number - Your phone is not shared with any other user - but - please note that your contacts that also have you as their contact will see you as a Pairing Friend - which means they will be able to connect between your public profile to your number (for instance by having only you in their contacts list).
Your phone number will be sent to Google for authentication and stored by Google to improve their spam and abuse prevention across Google services.

Your Matches - Your matches are only exposed to you (as you are to them) and to your mutual pairing friends.

Friends - Your friends are automatically derived from your contacts list as follows: your contacts, that are also pairing users and also have your phone number in their contacts list become your friends.

Chat messages - to increase your privacy, chat messages are deleted from our storage as soon as they are delivered to their intended recepient. In the time the messages are on our servers are programatically protected from any other users.

Our Developers & Team Regulations

Only our most trusted developers have access to our databases. As of October 2018 there are only 2 people with such access, and it is not expected to grow much more any time soon.

Even the most trusted developers are instructed by our regulations:

Our Servers

We use Google’s servers both for the logic and for saving the data. We do our best to follow Google’s guidelines for securing your private data, but, we cannot insure against data leaks or theft by either a technical mistake by us or by malicious attacks on our servers in form of hacking or unintended use or other.

No Warranty

We do our best to follow best security practices to protect our servers and your data, but, we cannot insure against data leaks or theft by either a technical mistake by us or by malicious attacks on our servers in form of hacking or unintended use or other. To minimize the risk in all cases - we do not gather or keep any information that we do not explicitly need for the app to operate. That’s why we don’t ask you for your birthday - only your birth year. That’s why we don’t collect your contacts’ names. And so on.