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Our mission is to promote healthy, empowering & meaningful relationships. We provide tools, knowledge base, access to experts and a unique matchmaking & dating app.

Empowering Relationships

The basis for a happy life together

Empowering relationships are such that enable each individual to grow, to flourish, to be him or her-self, to feel fulfillment and happiness. It is also one of the best platforms for ourselves to become better human beings, and, of course, raise kids. Empowering relationships are based on mutual respect & enabling. In order to achieve that we constantly have to work on ourselves. To constantly listen and respect the other side and his or her needs. To enable the other side express themselves in their own unique way. To understand and accept differences. To be a supportive shoulder when needed. Without judgement. This is not always easy. But, its rewards are great. It is also a good foundation for raising a family together, which encompasses even greater challenges, so good foundations are crucial. So, we built Pairing - both the blog and the app to help whoever seeks for that achieve that. You have to do the work. But we can try to give you some ideas and expand your thoughts. For those looking for a meaningful relationships, we built Pairing app, which is a social network to find the right match. It is built in such a way that promotes safey and dignity. Continue scrolling down for more info about it.

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Helping Friends Find Relationships 

One of the most noble and satisfactory action a person can do for his community is introducing between his or her single friends. In our daily routine and intense life, we are not always aware, in every given time, of what’s going on with our friends’ lifes, including their personal inspirations regarding relations. In many cases, friends that we know very well and that were very close to us in past periods of life, change their personal status without our awareness.

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Community Driven Dating 

Modern technology is becoming a major player in initiation of relationships. It offers a variety of new platforms and possibilities for dating based on mutual hobbies, habits, professions, personal, looks and many more criteria. That’s why virtual profile building becomes a critical parameter for initial attraction in online dating platforms. Initiating chances depend more and more on your presentation rather than real life parameters such as personality, values, character etc.

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What to Look For in a Partner? 

When looking for a life partner, for me, the most importantg criteria are simple. It’s really not about looks or money… Of course attraction plays a role, but shared life is much more complex than that. This is why, a long lasting relationship has to be first based on strong foundations. Foundations that are intrinsic in both partners, and not such that change over time and circumstances. So - what is it about?

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Pairing App

Not another dating app - a social network of friends helping friends find relationships


Solve main pain points in current online-dating, for meaningful relationships:

  • - Endless scroll - but feels like all the same - frustrating
  • - Girls get contacted endless times
  • - No way to filter who's serious and who's not
  • - Fake accounts
  • - Expect 'stars' on first date. If not - it's all random anyhow, so they move on and declare failure.
  • - Frustrating - endless options to scan and filter through, endless messages in and out, failing blind dates
  • - Pricey
  • - Degrading human beings to meat. Feels like 'meat market'. Most if not only criterion is looks. No personality. Just pretty face & good body. This affects the date too and probably will affect the resulting relationship if such comes out of it.


  • - Fights fake accounts by identifying and verifying real phone numbers.
  • - Fights bad behaviour by social context.
  • - Matches are made based on users' criteria + one or more of the following 3 matching methods:
    • (1) Mutual social circles - ie both have some contacts in common.
    • (2) Introduction by a mutual friend.
    • (3) If both opted in for 'extended search' then by geographical proximity
  • - Knowledge base and access to relationships experts to accompany the app.
  • - Emphasis taken off looks and put on the human being both by minimizing the significance of the profile picture, and by giving singles their real life social context and friends connections. I'm not a piece of meat any more. I have a name and real friends that care about me and know who I am, and some of them also know you. This is very empowering.


  • - For singles who are looking for a meaningful relationship
  • - For anyone, even non-singles, who are willing to help their single friends know about each other


The best platform for finding a real relationship


Helping friends find relationships is a big mizvah!

Community based matches

Matches are real, filtered & probably with higher chances

For real relationships

the best dating platform

Real users Thanks to matching algorithms based on your real-life social circles, it's almost impossible for troll accounts to be marked as a potential match. In the unlikely event that they do - we have a 'report' mechanism to filter them out.

Safer All potential matches are made by real-life community connections, so risk is greatly reduced.

Meaningful relationships Matches come from similar backgrounds, share mutual friends. Your relationship is built on strong foundations.

Filtered = less spam You won't get jammed by thousands of irrelevant matches & messages.

Ask a friend Want to know more about a potential match? Ask a mutual friend about him or her.

Ask, talk, meet, decide We don't believe in lengthy forms asking about your personality, prefs etc. We believe in people talking to their friends, meeting each other and deciding for themselves. That's why we don't ask you a million questions about yourself. Just gender and age. That's all. The rest your friends and you will sort.

Helpful friends

helping friends find relationships

Unopinionated intro In pairing, you will see friends of yours that are potential matches, and you will be able to tap 'Introduce'. By doing so, your friends will become visible to each other as a potential match and will see that you are a mutual friend. It does not necessarily mean you think they match - but you help them be aware of each other and let them decide.

Helpful info As a mutual friend to a potential pair, and as finding a meaningful relationship is not an easy task, your friends might need your help in getting more info about the other person. Let them know you can help with that.

Spread the word Tell your friends about pairing, and that's a great help already! Your friends will appreciate it.

A new platform

empowering you

Try it


By the developers and testers

Love the concept. Fun to use. Great design. Good luck!
We’re working on this app for almost 4 years, in the hopes people will find it useful. I hope it will help bring together some happy couples.
Our main motivation working on this for 4 years without any funding was to do good for the world. We hope Pairing will achieve its goal.