Helping Friends Find Relationships

One of the most noble and satisfactory action a person can do for his community is introducing between his or her single friends. In our daily routine and intense life, we are not always aware, in every given time, of what’s going on with our friends’ lifes, including their personal inspirations regarding relations. In many cases, friends that we know very well and that were very close to us in past periods of life, change their personal status without our awareness. Modern technology implemented in our mobile phone, can provide an honest and meaningful platform to follow our friends’ personal status and inspiration regarding relations. Normally, our friends will be active on some dating platforms, but for most of us which are living as couples, this will still keep us irrelevant since we are not holding an active dating app.  So how can we still contribute and be relevant with our friend’s life?
Pairing App was designed exactly for that. It is a community based social app that one of its great uniqueness is that it was designed to be used also for people that are on active relationship as couples or for those who at that point in time, are not looking for a partner. The app allows us to continuously track/follow our friend’s personal relations status. When a matching criterion between our single friends is reached, we will get a notification with the potential pair details. After getting the notification, if we don’t have an opinion regarding the potential match or for some reason we don’t want to take an action, it is possible to ignore the notification and continue with daily life. But, if on the other hand, we think the potential match can be interesting we can select the “introduce” button and by this way, “expose” us to our friends as their mutual friend. By taking this action we, first of all, reduce the risk for our friends that the other is a fake account or user and make the dating safer, secondly, it gives our friends the option to contact us if they decide to, and get more information about the other.

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